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Harp Doc Tips

Tip #1: Buzzing Stringsstring knots inside harp

"Sometimes the reason for a buzz is rather simple. Keep your string knots and the tail that sticks out from it small. If you have knots that look like, trim off the excess with using a wire cutting tool called a side cutter or diagonal cutter."

Tip #2: What wire strings should I keep on hand for my pedal harp?

If you are a professional you must always have a full set with your gig bag. If you do not play professionally I suggest that you either keep the #34-38 or none at all.

Why? The highest wire strings are the wires most likely to break. Wire strings rarely break if installed properly. If you do not have a replacement string on hand when one breaks you can order one from a company that sells strings. You can find many of these companies on the Links page here on this website.

How do I store them?
The best way to store your bass wire strings is to put a few rubber bands around them to hold them tightly together. Then place the bundle into a ziplock freezer bag - a thick, heavy duty bag which will not be easily torn or punctured. Press all the air out and seal it closed.

When do I use the strings or break the seal of the ziplock bag?
If a wire breaks you can use this back-up set. But when you are replacing the set of wires it is best to have a fresh set installed, not these back-up wires. The back-ups will have already aged in storage no matter what you do. Why install a set of wires three years old and then immediately order a nice fresh set of back-ups only to put them into storage for a three years before using them? This makes no sense. Your back-up set is for wires that break, NOTHING else.